The Do's and Don’ts of Nicknames


Without a doubt, the internet is a magical place these days. The whole world is just a few clicks away, and, with the right approach, you can find almost anything – from general news to rare articles and books, from world-wide message boards to secluded online societies, tailored just after your unique hobbies and interests! What's more, you can even make your own content and let everyone see you just the way you like it.

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Just as in real life, we are personalities online, too, and with this come both perks and responsibilities. Whether it's a forum, a blog or just the comment section in a local news portal, everybody can pick a nickname and comment to their hearts' pleasure! But what should you know before doing that?

Fret not, the general rules are simple! Here are some helpful guidelines:

DO - 

  • Pick a nickname that goes well with your personality or the area you want to represent;
  • Make sure it is easy to pronounce and remember;
  • Remember that, when online, nobody is truly anonymous – use your nickname in good conscience!

DON'T - 

  • Pick a nickname that is rude, derogatory or displaying hate and bigotry of any kind;
  • Imitate nicknames of already existing users of sites you are wishing to be a part of;
  • Create multiple nicknames in a single site to dominate over others with your personal opinion,

That's it! Not that hard, right? We here at Nickname360tm hope this list helps you in your online adventures. And, what's most important – have fun!

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