Nicknames and Online Safety:
Everybody should know this!


When we were kids, our moms told us to never talk to strangers. We knew, at the very least, not to tell them where we live, our name or any other personal information. Now, dazzled by the endless opportunities of online communication, many have forgotten this simple rule. Of course, it would be unreasonable – if not impossible! - to never talk to strangers, as we're unlikely to meet most of the people we might casually chat with online, but, truth to be told, can you really know if your virtual friends are what they claim to be?

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However, there are ways we can protect ourselves from potentially dishonest or even dangerous online strangers, and one of them is choosing the right nickname! Let us tell you how:

  • Never choose a nickname that reveals your real name and surname. You'd be surprised to know how easily your identity can be revealed by those alone!
  • Similarly, avoid choosing nicknames that reveal even parts of your address, hometown, school, university, workplace or other places you go to frequently;
  • Naturally, the same applies to any other personal data, like your birthdate, e-mail address, phone number, etc. You don't want random strangers suddenly contacting you via private channels!
  • Do you have a child or a younger sibling? Have a friendly chat with them and make sure they're aware of this aspect of online safety! Children and teens are often very trusting and don't think twice before revealing too much publicly.

Stay safe! Now that this topic has been covered, it should be even easier to pick an original and secure nickname!

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