Partnership with Ascendum Gaming


Nickname360™ has started cooperation with Ascendum Gaming. Why Ascendum? To develop nickname culture in an environment, which holds the online community values high, where the person and the community are put first, with people who take things seriously and also don't forget about the fun factor of gaming. Experienced gamers of Ascendum Gaming know the fundamentals of nickname - "keep your word with your name". Only in such reputable community it's possible to build nickname culture, therefore we went to Ascendum Gaming - one of the best out there.


Ascendum Gaming - Nickname360™.com


Ascendum Gaming members! We made the also more pleasant to your wallet - you can now officially register your nickname with 50% discount. Plus, if you're not into gaming, we have other communities covered in UNION to suit different interests - internet, friends, gaming, celebs, sports (and more to come...). But the core idea stays the same - great and respected communities to develop nickname culture truly "in a cultural way". As the saying goes - "you can be anyone in the internet" - so choose wisely who you want to be and where you want to be.

Why claim your nickname officially? In the age of internet nicknames are our "digital passport" and even "brand name". Gaming, social networks, YouTube, Twitter, etc... We build our reputation with nickname, just like with our RL name. Unfortunately, in the web it's easy to steal somebody's name - for profit, slander, "just for lulz", or simply because someone was too lazy and uncreative to think of his own one.

It takes time and creativity to develop a truly catchy nickname, but it can be lost easily. If not now then later - and the more popular your nickname becomes, chances for this become bigger and bigger. Therefore, secure the rights for your web identity today - together with many other great people from respectable internet communities!

We strongly believe that everybody should stay unique and respect the Nicknames of others, no matter if they are a celebrity or your neighbor from down the street. Thus Nickname360™ holds the right to review ownership legitimacy of any Nicknames that are registered via this service. That way, we aim to protect the ownership of Nicknames that are already in use and to prevent unauthorized use of celebrity stage names and others. In case of cancelling a Nickname registration, the registration fee will be returned.