About Nickname360™

You've got a unique nickname and you want it stay that way? Not comfortable with the name you have or hate that many others have the same name as you? We're here to help! On Nickname360™ you can safely register your Nickname just the way you like it and nobody will be able to take it from you ever again - sounds great, right?

Just think of your favorite celebs, artists or even superheroes - their Nicknames are so influential, even their friends might not be sure what their real names once were. But a good Nickname? It fits your personality like a glove and shows the world just how good you are at being yourself! So, want to become the next big name in your community, be it friends, bloggers, gamers and more? Continue reading, as Nickname360™ has just the thing for you!

Nickname360™ is the only OFFICIAL Nickname Registration Service that provides you with a 100% Official & signed certificate, proving your ownership of your Unique Nickname - it's the real deal! Somebody is using your nickname without your consent or doubting that you are what you say? Show them the Certificate and prove your identity once and for all! Share the Certificate in your social networks, send it to your friends via e-mail or even print, frame and hang it in your home or office - the sky is the limit.

Last (but not least!), a registered Nickname is your ticket to joining the UNION! So what are you waiting for - join Nickname360™ to discover all this and more! You know you want to.






Step 1. Search your nickname by using Search field on top.



Step 2. No panic! It takes only 30 seconds – some data to link & display on Certificate.



Step 3. Payment for server space, machine power, administration & exclusivity.

nickname certificate


It's official! Check your e-mail for attached Certificate.