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Why claim your nickname officially? In the age of internet nicknames are our "digital passport" and even "brand name".


When Gaming we build our reputation with nickname,


just like with our RL name. Unfortunately, in the web it's easy to steal somebody's name - for profit, slander, "just for lulz", or simply because someone was too lazy and uncreative to think of his own one.

It takes time and creativity to develop a truly catchy nickname, but it can be lost easily. If not now then later - and the more popular your nickname becomes, chances for this become bigger and bigger. Therefore, secure the rights for your web identity today - together with many other great people from respectable internet communities!

By registering your nickname in the Official Nickname Registry Service - Nickname360™ - you also get to join the UNION - a unique community for other officially registered nickname owners! That means a great chance to show others how you care about the legitimacy of their nicknames and respect their ownership.

The UNION is created and cared for by all its members, working together for a new way of self expression and personalization. With the help of professional lawyers, state representatives, experts and dedicated volunteers, we are working hard to ensure that Nickname360™ is acknowledged as the first official Nickname Registry in the world! Neat, huh?



Ascendum Gaming

Famous nicknames and owner names

Gaming Union

PEWDIEPIE - Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
ФИРАМИР - Владислав Копцев
JACKSEPTICEYE - Seán William McLoughlin
MARKIPLIER - Mark Edward Fischbach
VANOSS - Evan Fong
VEGETTA777 - Samuel de Luque
KWEBBELKOP - Jordi Maxim van den Bussche
SQUEEZIE - Lucas Hauchard
SSUNDEE - Ian Marcus Stapleton
JELLY - Jelle Van Vucht
H2O DELIRIOUS - Jonathan Dennis Gorman
DANTDM - Daniel Middleton


Celebs Union

STING - Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
SNOOP DOGG - Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr.
BONO - Paul David Hewson
BJÖRK - Björk Guðmundsdóttir
EMINEM - Marshall Bruce Mathers III
PINK - Alecia Beth Moore
MOBY - Richard Melville Hall
XZIBIT - Alvin Nathaniel Joiner
CHER - Cherilyn Sarkisian
MADONNA - Madonna Louise Ciccone
PRINCE - Prince Rogers Nelson
SHAKIRA - Isabel Mebarak Ripoll


Sports Union

KP6 - Kristaps Porzingis
AIR JORDAN - Michael Jordan
BIG BEN - Ben Wallace
BIG DOG - Glenn Robinson
MAGIC - Earvin Johnson
SHAQ - Shaquille O'Neal
THE HAWK - Connie Hawkins
THE WORM - Dennis Rodman
DEE - DeCovan Kadell Brown
T-MAC - Tracy McGrady
SHADY - LeSean McCoy
CLIFF - Griff Sanders




We strongly believe that everybody should stay unique and respect the Nicknames of others, no matter if they are a celebrity or your neighbor from down the street. Thus Nickname360™ holds the right to review ownership legitimacy of any Nicknames that are registered via this service. That way, we aim to protect the ownership of Nicknames that are already in use and to prevent unauthorized use of celebrity stage names and others. In case of cancelling a Nickname registration, the registration fee will be returned.