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We are the one and only Official Nickname Registry Service, providing you with the unique opportunity to register your nickname and get an Official & Signed Certificate, proving your ownership - it's the real deal! Share it, show it to your friends, print it out and hang it in your home or office - everybody will know that only YOU have the rights to use the nickname as your own. More than 23'000 nicknames have already been registered, so hurry up and register yours - before somebody else takes it!
Ever heard of such terms as a stage name, pseudonym, assumed name or even alias? And did you know that some historical persons and modern celebrities are known mostly by those, not their birth names? Well, we just call them Nicknames - short and sweet! Not comfortable with the name you have? Tired of others having the exact same name as you? Thinking there must be a better name to represent your unique personality - skills, capabilities and achievements included? Well, you're in for a win - a Nickname is all that and more!
Type your unique Nickname in the Search Field above, fill in the registration information, process it for a small fee and get your signed Official Certificate via e-mail or download it from your User Account in pdf format. It will only take you a minute!
After the Registration process and payment are finalized, you will receive an e-mail with an attached Certificate - Official & Signed, as promised! Your Certificate will also be available for download in your User Account.
Of course! Just fill in their information upon registrating the Nickname - that way, your friend will receive the Official Certificate of nickname ownership as a cool and unique gift.
COMING SOON, the UNION is growing fast to become a unique community for people from all over the world to maintain and develop a productive environment for registrating and using their personal Nicknames both in web and in the real life. As the UNION evolves, we aim to offer our members the opportunity to use their registered Nickname in the nearest future as a legitimate ID in forums and message boards, blogs, the gaming community and more. Right now, we offer joining one of five global Nickname categories - Internet, Gaming, Friends, Celebs and Sports.
We strongly believe that everybody should stay unique and respect the Nicknames of others, no matter if they are a celebrity or your neighbor from down the street. Thus Nickname360™ holds the right to review ownership legitimacy of any Nicknames that are registered via this service. That way, we aim to protect the ownership of Nicknames that are already in use and to prevent unauthorized use of celebrity stage names and others. In case of cancelling a Nickname registration, the registration fee will be returned.